Consider the
carbon footprint

Recent studies have shown that the typical American meal component travels an average of 1,200 miles from where it’s processed to your local grocery store.


The bold origins of a new food concept

There’s no shortage of quick-to-fix, meal-in-a-bag options for busy consumers. But there’s only one problem: You can’t mass-produce food in a high-volume factory, pre-cook the ingredients, ship them across country and then pretend that consumers can somehow pull a high-quality product out of the microwave.

That’s not gonna happen.

That’s why one Northwest food company decided to seek a better, bolder way to create fresh-cooked foods that taste great, deliver top quality yet still offer consumers a gourmet meal that’s ready in minutes. Convenience and quality that rival the finest restaurant fare.

Welcome to Bold Eats!
Flavor-forward foods for people who love to eat but hate to slave over meals. Who relish exciting new culinary creations but still need dinner on the table with a minimum of hassle. Who demand restaurant-quality but want to avoid the high price of take-out.

Get set for a fast, fresh flavor!
Bold Eats are ready in less than 15 minutes from package to perfection. Just

Best of all, each Bold Eats package is filled with only quality meats, fresh veggies and gourmet sauces—no fillers and no starch. You add your own side dishes, and you control the portions—and the calories.

Prepare right on the stovetop. Remove the meat or chicken from the packaging, sear over medium heat in a heavy saucepan and simmer the vegetables and sauce until fully heated.

Then get set to enjoy a culinary adventure that will leave you hungry for more!

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The Bold Eats team

Tom Stachecki
President and Co-Owner, Angus Brands
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Leslie Stachecki
Co-Owner, Chief Operating Officer and Marketing Director, Angus Brands
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Curtis Smith
Certified Executive Chef
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