Leslie Stachecki, Bold Eats Chief Operating Officer and Marketing Director

Leslie Stachecki, Tom’s wife and business partner, serves as both controller and marketing director for Angus Brands. She is a cum laude graduate of Eastern Washington University and has been chiefly responsible for many of the company’s high-profile community service projects.

In 2007, Angus Brands received the prestigious AGORA Award from the Spokane Regional Chamber of Commerce, given to businesses that exhibit growth, contribute to local job creation and conduct exemplary marketing, employee development and customer and community service.

“We were truly honored to receive such a high-profile award,” Leslie said. “Tom and I have spent our lives building this business with a focus on quality products, a safe and rewarding environment for all our employees and a passion for giving customers an unsurpassed level of service. The award was a real tribute to all the people associated with our company.”