Curtis H. Smith, Certified Executive Chef

As a graduate of both the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., and the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy in Spokane, Wash., Curtis brings a wealth of skill and experience to the profession of developing and preparing high-end, gourmet creations for discerning diners. He is a Certified Executive Chef within the American Culinary Federation, winning several gold, silver and bronze medals in various ACF competitions.

Over the years, Curtis served as a bold and innovative chef at several properties, including:

Curtis currently serves as a Chef and Instructor at the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy, teaching the part of the program known as “boot camp” because it represents students’ first kitchen experience after spending their first quarter in the classroom.

“I teach the fundamentals of classical cuisine, such as knife skills, preparing stocks, sauces and soups—all the basic cooking principles,” he says. “They learn to sauté, roast and broil various entrees, as well as understand cookery for vegetable and grain-based side dishes. It really is like boot camp—a challenge to see if they can succeed in the real world of foodservice.”

Curtis has put his own success and expertise to perhaps one of the biggest career tests with the development of Bold Eats. When Tom and Leslie Stachecki, the owners of Bold Eats’ parent company Angus Brands, approached him about helping design a flavor-forward line of prepared meals never before seen in the category, he was ready—and able—to meet the challenge.

“I was so excited to be involved in helping develop the flavor profiles of Bold Eats, because these are meals that have never been seen before in the category,” he says. “We aimed to create gourmet quality foods, based on adventurous taste and bold use of ingredients, and I think we’ve succeeded big time. I would put Bold Eats up against some of the best and most creative dishes I’ve developed for various fine dining establishments. They’re that good.”

A long-time resident of Washington, Curtis makes his home in Spokane with his family: wife Missy, son Campbell (15) and daughter Corbin (12).

About the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy

An American Culinary Federation accredited program, the Academy offers Spokane Community College students a two-year Associate in Applied Science degree in culinary arts. Program graduates, who earn “certified cook status,” the first step toward Master Chef certification, are fully prepared for careers in a wide range of positions in the culinary industry.

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